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Lakeshore Accounting & Tax Services


Bookkeeping SERVICES

It may be possible for businesses to be profitable without good and accurate bookkeeping, the likelihood of such success is very low. Most businesses need to be financially sound to make both day to day decisions. The foundation to a company's financial records is its accounting system. Our firm can not only help with day to day compliance but with analysis that allows our owners to do strategic planning.

At Lakeshore Accounting & Tax Services we go above and beyond to help our clients maintain a proper accounting system and compliance with the various tax and regulatory agencies. We can review a company's own internal accounting methods & controls, or anything in between.

Good accounting system is just the beginning of good financial planning.  Lakeshore Accounting & Tax Services professionals provide timely business analysis and review support to allow businesses to develop an effective financial strategy. Bookkeeping in Dearborn, Income Tax Preparation.

Tax Services

Individual Tax Services - Income Tax Preparation

Our tax services go beyond the preparation of tax returns. Our commitment in the individual tax area is to work with you throughout the year to proactively identify tax planning strategies. The goals being the minimization of current and long term income taxation. We believe that creativity and innovation will enable our clients to choose among alternatives to best meet your tax and financial objectives.

Corporate/Partnership Tax Services

Our tax professionals has a broad range of skills, knowledge and experience in the various business entities. Whether a complex C Corporation, real estate partnerships, LLCs, S Corporation, or your basic small business entity, our team can provide the compliance and consulting services that fit with your strategic tax plan.

Estate & Trust Tax Services

Tied closely to effective long term tax planning is estate and trust planning. Working closely with our clients (and their family members), their investment advisers and attorneys, our estate and trust team focuses on making sure your short term and long term wealth transfer goals are met.

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